Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tres chic

a couple of weeks ago, i embarked on a shopping ban. well, as most of you know, that shopping ban has been anything but successful. in actuality, i think i've shopped more in the past couple of weeks than i have in the last year! oh well, someone has to help the economy right? i'm super excited about getting in my new purchases from this new site i found(www.sespetitesmains.com) that sells the cutest girl's clothing. it reminds me of something out of a french movie...ok. now i'm done shopping for real


Shari said...

Tres chic indeed! Naomi's gonna be one well-dressed girl. :)

beawei said...

Isn't it true that Austin is shopping now in Paris? Or, that is only a coincident?

Naomi's mom said...

austin just said, WHOOPS. he didn't tell you, but his trip to paris got cancelled...so no, he's in jersey right now