Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Daycare day 1 recap

Thank God she's only going 2 days this week. That's all I really need to say. I know that when she finally does go full time it'll get easier as she gets used to it, and this sporadic use of daycare is probably not the easiest thing on her, but man was she a mess when I saw her.
She did nap better than last time which was great (two naps of about an hour each).
She did not eat well though, she only had about half of her bottles during the day. And apparently cried on and off throughout the day. (her eyes were puffy when I finally got to her).
Once I picked her up, she was happy, but as soon as we got to the car, when I tried to put her in her seat, she threw a fit and didn't want me to put her down. She kept arching her back and trying to get out of the car seat...it took me around 5 mins to get her in. Normally not that difficult.
Thankfully once she was in, she calmed down, and we drove home. By the time we got home, she was all smiles and my happy baby was back.
Lilo and Stitch greeted us at the door, and that set Naomi off in a round of giggles.
Lilo left us a little extra gift with a big puddle of pee on the floor. Sigh. love that dog though.
Austin worked til after midnight, so I spent the night taking care of naomi, cleaning up dog pee, cleaning all of naomi's bottles and getting her milk ready for daycare. etc etc. rough long night, after a rough long day at work.
One thing I do love about Naomi going to daycare is that I get to pick out her outfits for the day. Something I don't get to do normally when I'm at work. Each evening Naomi and I go through her closet and lay out her clothes for Austin to dress N in the next morning.

Here's the outfit from yesterday. I need to find a job where I can just dress babies for a living.


swei said...

awww. interestingly enough. my naps yesterday weren't as long as usually and i found myself periodically crying throughout the day. wish we were still down there taking care of the little monkey.

got another idea for a sequel to my "book." going to do some layout test runs today! may have to come back down to a do a lil field research.

Shari said...

Aw, aren't baby girls the most fun to dress up? I much prefer buying baby girl clothes than baby boy ones...more choices for girls!

Lo said...

man, i really hope we have a girl next . . . if we have a next! although, i'll probably need help dressing her, so i'll definitely hire you to be her stylist! =)