Thursday, April 8, 2010

And We're Back...

It's been a crazy last couple of weeks. After we got back from Orlando, we ended up taking a last minute trip to DC to visit Austin's grandmother, but on the way down, Naomi got sick again, so Naomi and I hung out in the hotel while Austin went to visit his grandma with his cousins. Then we got home, work was really crazy for both Austin and I, then I got sick on Good Friday....and I mean sick. I had a fever of 104, couldnt' get out of bed for a couple of days, couldn't was just bad. Anyway, I'm finally feeling better, and am back at work..(which of course means I have time to blog again!)

Naomi is growing up fast, even in just the few days where I was out of comission, as I watched her playing with Austin, I realized how much she was changing on a day to day basis. Since I was feeling a little better yesterday, but still was out of the office, I decided to keep Naomi home with me so we could spend some time together. We had such a great day going to the park, we went to a new cafe that opened up in town and had lunch together on their outdoor patio, we were both wiped and took a long 3hour nap, and then went back outdoors in our backyard to enjoy the warm weather even more. All in all it was just a great day. It still shocks me to see how well Naomi can communicate. Of course, she's learned a bunch of phrases that I'm NOT too happy, "Stop It", "Go Away", "No Mine!". She's also starting to get a little rebelious. When she hits Austin or I out of frustration, we'll tell her to please not hit and only use a gentle touch becasue we don't hit in our family. And if she does it again, we'll ask her if she wants a timeout. Well recently, she's been replying, "Yes" and showing us an incredibly stubborn face. Lovely. Yesterday we had one incident (really not bad considering it was one out of the whole day!), we were outside in our front yard, and she fell over, so I walked over to help her up. Silly me, she's going through an independent phase as well, and wanted to stand up on her own. So she swatted at my face and said, "Go away mommy, Nomi does it". So of course I gave her her warning, and she did it again, and I asked her if she wanted a time out, and she said YES, so I picked her up and walked back inside. When she realized that a timeout meant going back inside, she quickly started giving me hugs and kisses and said over and over again, "sowwwy mommy sowwy ssowwy!!" I still gave her a timeout for 1 min. and when it was done she ran to me and gave me a hug and said sorry again.
On a more positive note, Naomi is still as girly as ever. The photo at the top of the post was taken yesterday morning. I told Naomi we had to go take daddy to the train station, so she yelled OTAY, and got ready by putting on a sparkly headband, another headband around her arm, a pearl bracelet, and pearl ring, her cinderella brush and two hairclips. A girl can never be over accessorized right?

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