Thursday, April 22, 2010

Picture Day

Today was Naomi's first picture day at daycare. I'm a little sad that I missed getting her ready in the morning. I did lay out her outfit the night before, but it's still not the same since I depend on Austin's iphone pictures in the morning each day to see what she looks like. Her teacher's say she did really well and even smiled for the camera. Here she is practicing her for her portrait shot this morning.

Haha ok that's not her picture day outfit. This is:

Can't wait to get the actual pictures in 4 weeks. Excuse the greasiness..she had just received a fresh application of sunblock.

On another note, we got a call from the daycare today telling us that Naomi got into a fight with another kid today. They were out on a walk and Naomi was sitting next to her "friend" when they got int.o a little shoving match and Naomi's finger ended up in her "friend's" mouth. Yea another kid bit my kid. And that kid broke skin. grrr. Makes my skin boil...but what can I was about a month ago when I got a phone call telling me that Naomi had bitten another kid. (at least she didn't make the kid bleed!) The school is really careful not to divulge the name of the offender, and only referred to the other kid as a classmate or "friend" in class. But the cool thing about this age is that Naomi can talk and understand when I ask her questions. So as soon as I got her into the car I asked her who bit her, she told me, and it was exactly the kid I thought it was. A girl in her class who I always see shoving, pushing, throwing, kicking, hitting and even sitting on other kids. Guess we know who the bully is in the toddler class.

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