Friday, April 23, 2010

Time for a change?

I'm working from home today and was able to keep Naomi home with me since my mom is here to help me look after her when I get busy. This morning, Naomi asked for a blankie, and when she got one, she kept laying it on the ground and telling me it was her little bed. I asked her if she wanted to sleep in a little bed, and she said Yes. At school, they sleep on little cots, and apparently she's never had a problem going to her cot after lunch for nap time. She always lies on her cot, falls asleep on her own, and waits to get up until the lights go back on. If she wakes up early, she'll patiently lie on her cot and hug her mimi and izzie doll. At home, she's strictly been sleeping in her crib both for naps and nighttime.
Today when it was time for her nap, Naomi told me, "no crib" and was extremely sad. She kept lying her blanket down in the living room, where I've parked myself with my laptop and work. I decided to make her a makeshift cot out of a soft blanket. She immediately brought a stack of books to her "cot", her mimi and her izzie, and lay down and read her books for about 10 minutes before falling soundly asleep.
Maybe it's time to look into transitioning her into a bed.


Lo said...

dude i'm so putting caleb in daycare! when he goes they say he naps with no problem. here at the hotel with me, he's chatting and up for over an hour until i say i'm gonna nap too!! go naomi!!

emily said...

Hi! I just saw your response to me on the effortless anthro blog... can you maybe send me the link to the catalogue for the foil wrapped heels? I would LOVE to get them, but having trouble finding them in the catalogue. Thanks SO much )