Monday, April 12, 2010

Battling the Monday's with some cuteness

We had a good weekend, although as always, it was too short.
Saturday was sunny but cold, we started out early by going to Montclair for brunch.
Did some shopping, got Austin his early anniversary gift - the Apple, iPad - it's so cool!!
Then we made our way over to the airport to pick up my parents.
On Saturday night, I went out for a ladies night with some friends from church. It was one of the few nights I've been out without Austin or Naomi, and I stayed out well past 1am...whoa that's a first for me!
When I got home, Austin was waiting for me with the lights on in the front living room. Haha I felt like I had a glimpse into Naomi's future.
Sunday we managed to drag ourselves out in time to make it to early service at church. We came home and had brunch outside at the new cafe that opened up down the street from us. It was so warm and sunny, such a great afternoon. We took Naomi for a wagon ride around the neighborhood, which she loved.
After a family nap we had some time outside at the park, where Austin was amazed as he watched Naomi go up and down the steps of the playground, and slide down all by herself. (I had witnessed her learning how to do this just last week).
For dinner Chris rode his bike over from NYC.

All in all a nice weekend. i was still really tired and feeling weak/sick, and I'm definitely feeling tired this morning. But it was way too beautiful of a weekend to just stay in and rest/waste the beautiful weather!!

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