Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Shoes

If you know me I have a slight obsession with baby shoes. Ok. Who am I kidding. I have an obsession with shoes in general. Naomi has a plethora of shoes just like her momma.
In fact, two days ago, I had a pair of shoes come in the mail. When I opened the box, Naomi yelled out, "SHOES!!!! Lets try them on". And she proceeded to wear and walk (attempt to at least) around in them.
I bought Mikaela's first pair of shoes before she was born. As soon as her feet grow a little bigger, she has a lovely pair of black maryjanes from one of my favorite kiddie shoe companies - See Kai Run.

While I love See Kai Run, Naomi has gone through several pairs, I think I may have found another brand that may be giving them a run for their money...at least in terms of baby booties.

How cute are these:

and these:

and these:

They're from Bobka Baby on Etsy.
The only problem (other than which one to buy) is the fact that Mikaela's feet, much like her big sister's, are so small that by the time she can fit into the smallest size, she'll probably need walkers instead of baby booties.

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