Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Mikaela was baptized on Sunday at Church by Pastor Peter. Following tradition, Chris and Priscilla came out to witness and join us for lunch. Austin's mom was here as well. Mikaela woke up for the service, but was completely calm. Naomi, on the other hand, started whining and freaking out when Pastor Peter took Mikaela from Austin. She kept saying, "I want her back!!! I want Mikaela back! I need my baby!" Good to know she's completely protective of her baby sister, a little inconvenient at the time though =)
After church we met up with Qing and had dim sum in Chinatown. A perfect way to celebrate if you ask me. Too bad Mikaela slept through the entire celebration...well actually it was a good thing since we all got to enjoy lunch without worrying about a crying baby!


The Sacrament of Christian Baptism is a sacrament in which everyone present should participate. It is one of the means by which Christ conveys to us the benefits of redemption. God’s Spirit works through the visual symbol to convince and convert sinners and to build up believers in holiness and faith.

In Baptism the following spiritual works are represented and/or confirmed by God:
1) Union of believers with Christ (our “ingrafting into him”).
2) Washing away of sins by his blood.
3) New spiritual life created by God’s Spirit.
4) Admission into the visible church.
5) Professed commitment to live openly and wholly for Christ.

When God’s people witness the baptism of another, we should remember our own baptism. We meditate upon the work represented and/or confirmed to us. We are reminded of our sins against the spiritual truths pictured and granted in the sacrament. We confess our sins and renew the commitments and relationships signified. We feed upon the grace of Christ and grow stronger in our faith.

We baptize those who come to faith in Christ who have never been baptized. We also baptize those infants born into homes where at least one parent is a believer. For the infant, the things pictured in Baptism are in the form of an offer or promise. When the child believes, he or she claims the promise that God has made and sealed in their Baptism. We do not presume upon the grace of God in saving this child, but we trust with faith-filled hope that he will work salvation in and through the nuclear family and the extended family of believers within the church. When the child believes Christ, his or her baptism is not only a sign of salvation offered, but of salvation received and applied.

We believe that infants can receive grace from God even before they are born. John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit from before his birth (Luke 1:14). When the Savior (Mark 10:13-16) took infants “ his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them,” they received grace. Christian parents bring their little ones to him in Baptism to receive grace and blessing from the Risen Christ.

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Anonymous said...

Now she belongs to Jesus! Jesus belongs to her.!
Congratulations May the Good Lord bless and keep whether near or far apart.