Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Naomi loves the water. She has always loved going to the pool and beach. Now she can verbalize this love. She's simply obsessed. She asks to go swimming all the time. Unfortunately when you live in NJ where it's freezing cold ALL THE TIME, well at least for a long long time, there really isn't much of an opportunity. I'm not bitter. I don't miss the pool that we had in our apartment complex growing up, I don't miss all the tropical beaches that were within driving distance from my apartment, or the amazing white sand beaches which we could get to via a short plane ride...no no, I love Jersey. Anyway, we're going to Florida this weekend, and Naomi cannot stop talking about the beach. I finally decided it was time for her to try her new bathing suit on, and go "swimming" in our jacuzzi tub. It was the perfect size pool for her, and she couldn't stop screaming from excitement.


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ha ha too cute

Anonymous said...

Cn't wait to have you here with us!!! the beach is sooo ready for u naomi!!!