Thursday, March 24, 2011

Her "First" Haircut

Last week Friday I brought Naomi to my hair salon, Pink Comb Salon, to get her her first official haircut. I've trimmed her bangs several times, which is why you'll notice her sporting a zigzag look in a lot of her pictures. But the back of her hair was starting to get really long, and I was tired of fighting her to hold still so I could get a somewhat even trim. So I finally decided it was time to bring her into a professional. I originally thought I'd wait til she was 3, since it felt sort of like a special occasion and having her hair cut felt like a milestone that I wanted to mark. Why 3? I have no idea. It didn't really make sense, and when I mentioned getting her haircut at Mommy's salon, Naomi was incredibly excited, so I figured why not.

Since Naomi isn't necessarily the best when it comes to handling new situations, I made sure to prep her a couple of days in advance. We practiced what was going to happen when she got into the salon, from saying "Hi" to the hairdresser, to washing her hair and sitting still while her hair was trimmed. She loves doing these practice scenarios, we do them whenever we're going to meet new people, or heading out to something she's never done before. It really seems to help her know what to expect.

On Friday morning, she was so excited and we headed off to the salon with no problems. Mikaela was fast asleep in the car seat, so I wasn't worried about her getting fussy. As we got out of the car I made the mistake of telling Naomi she had to be really really still while they cut her hair or she'd have funny looking hair. I'm not sure if it was that, or the fact that we were actually at the salon, but the girl got cold feet. We had plans to have a mommy daughter lunch at a local outdoor cafe since it was the first really warm day. As soon as she got out of the car she declared she was hungry and wanted to go to the outdoor restaurant. She kept saying she didn't want to get her hair cut anymore. I managed to convince her to at least go inside so we could see what the salon looked like, and once we were in, she fussed a little, but didn't protest when Rosalie, her hair dresser, led her to her chair. She quickly climbed up on the pillow that Rosalie lay down for her, and sat patiently for the next 20 minutes while Rosalie cut her hair. Needless to say, I was amazed. She was sooo good. She's never like that for me when I cut her hair. And she looked so little in the apron that they put around her. She didn't even freak out when she couldn't see her hands, something that I was actually a little afraid of. She was terribly shy and wouldn't talk, except to whisper to me, but she was seriously a champ. The end result was super cute, although her bangs were very blunt, she pulls it off I think =)

That night she was so excited to see her daddy and nai nai who was visiting for Mikaela's baptism. She was so upset when she had to take a bath before they got home, and begged not to wash her hair. It was only after learning that I could blow dry her hair just like they did at the "grownup salon" that she let me get her into the tub. Now, everynight after her bath she runs straight to my bathroom to have her hair blow dried. She is so incredibly proud of her cut.

The finished product


swei said...

hahah. so cute! looks like she's concentrating really really hard.

Fritz said...

WOW.... what a trooper.