Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We've been in Florida staying with my parents for over a week now. Austin came down with us last weekend, then flew back on Sunday for work. He'll be coming back down tomorrow, taking a few days off to spend time with the girls and and enjoy some warm weather.
We've had a great time so far, I can't believe I we have less than a week before we head back. We've spent most of our time at my parent's new house out in Leesburg, FL. It's so beautiful and is right by the lake with it's own dock. There's no tv or internet though, hence the lack of blogging. We came out to their other house in Palm Coast yesterday so we could go to the beach, and for some doctor's appointments they had lined up. Tomorrow we had back to Leesburg to meet Austin. On Friday we're taking the girls to Disney World for a day. We head home on Monday. Hopefully it'll have warmed up a bit.

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swei said...

Man, when did Naomi get ripped??