Sunday, April 24, 2011

34 Months

Little Miss Sassy is 34 months. And sassy she is. She is a chatty cathy who knows what she wants when she wants it. We're working on the whole patience thing...sometimes we get through to her, and sometimes it's like talking to a..well a 2 almost 3 year old.
She still loves wearing dresses. She loves being a big sister, and she really is a great big sister. I say it over and over again, but I'm amazed at how well she has adjusted to having someone share the limelight.
She does struggle with a lot though. She doesn't like to walk when we're out, yet refuses to sit in a stroller. The board on our bugaboo has helped a lot since she likes to "ice skate" on it. But there are times when she'll just collapse on the ground and exclaim that her legs don't work. She's still resisting the pottty and wearing underwear, despite the fact that she KNOWS how to use the potty and can completely control when she needs to go. Case in point, when we're swimming, she knows she won't be allowed to swim anymore if she doesn't tell us when she has to potty. So she tells us. We get out of the pool go to the bathroom, then come right back. She gets it. She did it. But other than that? She fights it. She's getting better though. Yesterday while playing down in the basement, she took off her diaper on her own (yea a clear sign that she needs to be out of diapers), walked over to her potty and declared she had to pee. Then she peed. This afternoon after church she decided she didn't want to wear diapers and asked to wear her undies. She was accident free the entire day. Maybe she just needed to take things at her own pace. We're getting there.
She's getting really good at peddling her trike. She can finally get off the ground when she jumps. She loves running and racing. She loves swimming, clearly. But mostly, she's our girly girl. She loves to brush her hair, look in the mirror, have her nails painted, wear stick on earrings...oh and did I say she loves to wear dresses?

She's transitioning into Pre-school at her daycare. The other day she came home with a sheet titled, "My favorite part of spring is...." The sheet had a list of what each pre-schooler said was their favorite part of spring. I had to laugh when I read through it, not only because of the cute responses from all the pre-schoolers in her class, but because of Naomi's response.

Here's the list:

My favorite part of spring is:
Sienna: the dolphins
Stella: outside
Aldo: snow
Valentina: flowers
Matthew: ovals
Connor: no, Mommy
Naveen: flowers
Aaakshi: flowers
Nichole: butterflies
Adima: Easter
Alex: flowers
Naomi: wearing dresses
Kate: flowers
Nate: picnics
Drew: pink
Sydney: having grow
Johnny: Johnny

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