Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We are totally packed (except for my laptop) to leave. Mikaela decided it was time to have a major blowout of a poop. Requiring a quick rinse, and a complete wardrobe change. Messy messy.
On top of that, Naomi somehow managed to pee through her diaper (yea she still refuses to wear underwear these days, although on vacation I'm not really going to fight that) into her shorts, onto my parents carpet. I think it was her way of getting out of shorts into a dress. She hates wearing anything but dresses these days, and was so mad when I told her she had to wear what I picked out for her this morning. (I'm going to chalk this one up as an accident and not some conniving scheme of her to get what she wants...I mean she's only 2..that would be just scary).
So now we're ready to go, all packed with a plastic bag full of dirty clothes for each girl. Nice.

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Anonymous said...

i miss you all already!!!!