Friday, April 29, 2011

A Real Life Princess

Naomi woke up a little after 8 this morning, super cranky and dragging her feet. We were in a little bit of a rush to get ready this morning since Austin took the day off from work and we wanted to get to the Natural History Museum in the city. While she was drinking her milk, she sauntered into my room, where I was trying to unsuccessfully to get Mikaela to take a bottle, while watching the Royal Wedding. She asked me what I was watching and I told her I was watching a real life princess get married. That put Naomi in an automatic good mood. Needless to say, she was mesmerized and couldn't stop watching whenever Kate was on screen with her beautiful wedding gown. When Kate and William kissed, she giggled, BOTH times and had the biggest smile on her face. Then she went back to her room and looked at her own tiara. She was all smiles from then on out. Thanks Princess Kate you made Naomi's day!

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Rachel said...

Haha! Such a difference between boys and girls. I was only able to catch a quick minute or two of the balcony scene before both my boys threw a HUGE fit. So I had to turn the TV off. They were not having anything to do w/ princes and princesses.