Saturday, April 23, 2011

Florida Week 1

At the end of March, the girls and I spent two and a half weeks down in Leesburg and Palm Coast Florida. Austin travelled there for the weekend, came back for work, and then came down to pick us up. It was an awesome two weeks. We loved the warm weather, even when it rained. Naomi and Mikaela loved spending time with their grandparents. I loved spending time with my parents obviously, but loved having help with the girls during the day. It was snowing in Jersey while we were gone, so it was definitely a great escape. Even now, in late April, it's still ridiculously cold in Jersey.

We celebrated my dad's 70th birthday the first week we were down there. My brother Chris came down to Florida as well and spent half a week with us. Naomi basically attached herself to him while he was there. So cute to see how much she adored her Uncle.
Naomi loved the excuse to be able to wear dresses every day, especially since she didn't need to wear tights. I made the mistake of packing shorts and pants for her. What a waste. She refused to wear anything but dresses the whole trip, and would have major meltdowns if I tried to get her to wear anything else.
She also loved playing outside with bubbles, water balloons, water guns, and loved that we could use my parent's neighbors pool. It was still a little cold to be swimming, so we kept our swim excursions pretty short. We definitely have a little fish on our hands.
Mikaela started sleeping better at night, going to be regularly by 10pm and waking up once or twice to feed. She easily won over both my parents, and everyone we met while down in Florida. She's such a happy baby, you just have to make eye contact with her, and she'll smile at you.

Anyway, here are some pictures from our first week down in Florida. More to come.

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i'm missing u all a lot!!!