Tuesday, March 8, 2011

She's lucky she's so cute...

We've been borrowing DVDs and books from the library pretty frequently these days since I have more time to drop by and pick stuff up. One of Naomi's dvd's was due back today, "Dora's First Day of School". This morning I spent around 30 minutes looking frantically for the case to the DVD before we headed out to daycare. I asked Naomi if she knew where it was, and she said, "Nope" and then went back to playing games on Austin's iPad.
Finally about to give up, I brought up an empty DVD case hoping to use it as a substitute. Naomi took a look at it and said, "Oh, you can put the Dora DVD in there ok?"
Before we left I did a final sweep in our TV room and double checked under the couch, where I finally found the darn thing. I jumped up and said, "Naomi, I found it!!!" I was obviously excited.
She looked at me, smiled and said, "yea I was playing with it on the couch!"

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Anonymous said...

isn't she cute?
double grrrr!!!