Monday, September 21, 2009

An accident filled Sunday

This Sunday marked a milestone that I hope we don't have too many of...
At church, Naomi was playing in one of the rooms that had folding doors and without getting into all the details, she managed to crush her little baby finger in there. I was right next to her and had tried to get her away from the door, but I was too late and her little hands were too quick for me. I quickly picked her up thinking she'd calm down in a couple of minutes after the soreness went away. To my dismay I realized she was screaming and shrieking louder than she had ever screamed before, and when I looked back at her finger, it was dripping blood everywhere. Thankfully we were at church where people calmer and of clearer mind than myself were able to help us clean out the cut and bandage her up. And again thankfully, our pediatrician network has an office that was open on Sunday and only 5 minutes away from our church. We drove her to the doctor's office where they decided against stitches and chose to wrap her finger in a pressure gauze, and to keep her from pulling the dressing off, ended up wrapping up her whole hand. We learned that the cut was so severe that had it been any deeper or lower on her finger, she could have lost her finger entirely. As it is, she may not have proper sensation in that finger for the next year (not that she'd be able to tell us).
I never thought I'd be the kind of mom that cried when her kid got hurt, but seeing Naomi in so much pain,and not being able to explain to her what was going on, or that the doctor was hurting her and wrapping up her hand for her own good, and how close we were from facing real major trauma to her finger, was just too much for me and I totally lost it, I was bawling at church in front of everyone (what made it worse was when ppl tried to comfort me!!) and I lost it when our less than sensitive on-call doctor told us we were lucky her finger didn't get amputated. I bawled like a baby on the ride home, even as Naomi had calmed down and had nodded off to sleep, and I cried again when I saw her playing with her blocks with one hand and she adapted and quickly learned how to maneuver and stack her toys with out her dominant right hand.
To make matters worse, on our way home from Target while picking up my brother who was coming over to visit us that evening, we backed right into a parked car at the train station. Thankfully no one was hurt and the damage was relatively minor, but it definitely didn't help our day get any better!
The day finally ended with poor Naomi exhausted and with her hand re-wrapped unprofessionally by Austin and myself after she had managed to slip her tiny hand out of the dressing.
Since it was unwrapped, we ended up taking pictures and sending it to my brother so he could take a look and perhaps give us any other advise. I'll spare you the gore and not post that pic here.
Today after another check up by our own pediatrician, we are all feeling much better after learning that yes, the cut was extremely severe, but that she was healing up nicely, and that the doctor felt comfortable with us just bandaging up two fingers, so Naomi has the use of her right hand back.
Of course as soon as we got home, she ripped off the dressing that was covering her two fingers since it wasn't secured around her whole hand, there really wasn't anything preventing it from falling off. So now we're down to just wrapping one teeny finger up with a single Hello Kitty bandaid. Hopefully she'll keep it on long enough for her finger to heal!


Chickering Mom said...

You poor things! I hope she is feeling better today and for a speedy recovery.

Lo said...

poor girl! i gotta call you tomorrow to tell you about the rest of our day!!! caleb's trying to keep up with naomi. =P

Naomi's mom said...

oh noooo caleb. yea call me, im home with naomi again today

Anonymous said...

Caleb too!!!How come you did not tell me about this? well vith was telling me about alex 's fall in the tubtoo. you ,chris and fritz have your share of accidents as a child and look you are all grown up now. naomi will be okay too but i do miss her a lot.


Laura said...

Oh no! I hope she's feeling better -- and having you at home today probably helps!

Janet said...

::gasp:: that must've been awful! For BOTH of you!! i hope your church does something about that door!