Friday, September 4, 2009

I wish I could sew...

I have a sewing machine I bought a couple of years ago. I shelled out for it after paying $10 to hem yet another pair of pants. Seeing that I have to hem every pair I buy (thank you parents for giving me the short and stubby gene), I thought I could save money and time if I learned how to sew. With some help from my sister in law, I figured out how to use the machine, and actually hemmed a couple of pants, and even fixed one of austin's messenger bags. But alas, that's where the skills, if you can call them that, end. And recently, it seems I've even lost the capability to hem my own pants, the machine just refuses to cooperate with me (to be honest I've stopped trying and have started a relationship with my tailor again). I did think about trying to learn to use the machine again; I bought a cute pattern for a little girls dress and even bought some cute pink material to make it with. Both are on my dresser collecting dust.
Anyway, even though I can't sew (YET) I love reading about other's who can, and I love seeing projects that others more talented than I come up with so I was ecstatic when a friend of ours started her a new store on Etsy. She has the cutest dresses, skirts and tops for little girls...and her model is adorable!
Check out her etsy site!! (


Anonymous said...

she should use naomi as her model she would get more orders,i am sure.

HaeWon Ryu said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing.:)