Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here’s to a better October.

It’s been a rough month for us in the Wei household. All within a month we’ve had to adjust to life without my mom around to baby us and taking care of Naomi, figure out scheduling with dropping and picking Naomi up from daycare, dealing with two colds Naomi has gotten from daycare, a nasty stomach bug both Austin and I got, being locked out of our house for 2 hours after a family walk when our garage keypad stopped working, a nearly lost finger, a car accident, a weird rash Naomi is getting on her leg and back, a spill backwards down some steps at a friends house, my credit card was stolen with $8,000 in fraudlent charges…honestly I think the list goes on.
The good news the month is almost over and I’m all for thinking that October can only get better. Afterall we have a trip planned for San Francisco for my cousin’s wedding which will be a great family reunion, followed immediately by a week in Cabo for Austin’s family reunion.

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swei said...

i'm with ya. october can only get better :)