Thursday, September 3, 2009

Walking walking walking

Naomi is officially walking, meaning she's not just taking baby steps where she'll walk 2-3 steps and plop down. She walks to get places! She's still so incredibly proud of herself and probably still shocked at how much she can do when she walks from place to place, as evidenced in the huge, toothy smile, sometimes with her tongue hanging out, that spreads across her face as she's moves around. She's still incredibly unstable though and falls and stumbles whenever she starts moving too fast. Because of this, we insist on holding her hand while we're outside. Usually she's happy to hold one of our hands, but lately in a show of independence, she's been shrugging our hands off, wiggling to be free so that she can explore the world on her own. Usually not a problem in our backyard, but when she's in the front and barrelling straight towards the street...well, you see the issue.


janet said...

and yes this whole exertion of independence is dangerous!

Chickering Mom said...

So exciting!!!

Lo said...

ha ha so cute. caleb REFUSED to hold my hand for the first 3 months after he started walking!!! still shakes me off sometimes. =S