Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Salon les mommy

In preparation for daycare, I decided to trim Naomi's hair again. Her bangs are always in her eyes, and while that's something easily remedied with a cute little barrette, I know the likelihood of her coming home with any clips we put in her hair are close to none. So Sunday night we turned on the tv to elmo, plopped naomi in her high chair and I went to town on her hair. The end result was more uneven than I wanted and definitely shorter than I had originally planned on going, but the baby makes it work =)


Lo said...

ha ha i love her combing it herself! i'm inspired to try on caleb. =P

Shari said...

Her bangs look straight- good job! =) I remember my mom cutting my bangs and it turning out crooked. This was when I was 7 years old!