Friday, February 11, 2011


For a few months now, Naomi has noticed whenever someone has their nails painted. She'll notice the color, and then immediately check out the person's toes (if available for viewing) to see if they have their toes painted as well. Then she would sadly look at her own fingers and toes and say, "I don't have colors" and shake her head looking completely devastated.
Over the weekend, our friends the Eng's brought lunch over after church. Their middle daughter Sophia, had her nails painted pink. Naomi immediately noticed, and couldn't stop looking at them. She also couldn't stop talking about Sophia's pink nails all week long. Yesterday, I finally caved and bought her some kiddy polish at Target. When she got home from daycare, we set up a mini manicure session and painted her nails pink with a second coating of glitter sparkly polish. She was incredible. She sat still the entire time, and when I was done, she kept her hands in front of her on her lap and didn't try to touch anything until I told her they were all dry. Totally a beauty pro on our hands. All night, and all day today she has been looking at her nails and commenting on how pretty they are. She keeps asking her daddy and I if we think it's pretty too. Then she'll compare her nails which she says are "sparkly pink" to my nails which are "black pearl". Then she'll ask Austin if he wants colors too.
Naomi is totally a girly girl.

The problem with nail polish, we've come to realize, is that Naomi wants to constantly be able to look at her nails. In the bath she freaks out cause she's scared the water is going to wash the polish off. At bedtime she gets upset when we have to turn out the lights cause she won't be able to see the colors, and yesterday morning, she woke up at 6am, nearly 2 hours early, because it was still dark in her room and she "couldn't see her colors". Last night Austin had to finally lay down the law by saying if she was going to get so upset about not being able to see her nails at night time, that we would have to take the colors off...that calmed her down pretty quickly...I'm afraid I've created a nail polish fiend.


beawei said...

Naomi, you are too funny!
You know what, in my entire 63 years, I never once had color in my nails. Is it sad?

Anonymous said...

so cute and so seriouslike she really was going through a very special event.
just looking at the pictures i feel like i was there when when u were putting the nail polish in, do you think she would cry if this wears off?