Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Long Night

We had a long night last night. Mikaela decided she wanted to eat every hour while Naomi was up every 2 hours until finally waking up for good at 4am. (this from a girl who likes to sleep in til 9am).
Thankfully it seems like her stomach bug might have been a short lived issue. She's been sipping water for a few hours and hasn't thrown anything up. I'm letting her eat a banana right now because she was begging for food, and so far so good.
Austin and Mikaela are napping, Mikaela finally went down for a 3 hour stretch at 3am and is finishing up a second 3 hour stretch right now. We're on the right track to an easier day...
Now to find some way to replace my iphone without paying some ridiculous amount of money and without having to sign a new contract with AT&T.

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Anonymous said...

good days are here again!!!
keep it upand i will be praying for you.