Friday, February 4, 2011

I've had better days...

My parents left for Florida today. Somehow they thought I'd be capable of handling 2 kids on my own. I sure proved them wrong!
It's 11pm and I'm officially relieved today is over.
Rather than reliving the entire day, here's a list of all the fun stuff that I experienced today.
- while moving boxes, my mom sliced her finger open
- Mikaela, our up until today easy going 3 wk old decided today was the perfect day to become fussy anytime she was put down...since I was the only one home, that meant I had to carry her around all day
- Naomi came down with a stomach bug, puked 4 times right before bed time, went through 4 pairs of pajamas, two sets of bedsheets, and my jeans
- all the dirty laundry, including my jeans, which held my iphone in their pocket, went into the wash
- my iphone died...
- the last time i sycned my iphone, uploading pics to our computer, was before Mikaela was born. yea I take shots of both her and Naomi every day. blah.
- today is officially over! thank God...I'm off to bed...for at least 2 hours before MIkaela wakes up demanding to eat again.
(at least by then it will officially be Saturday).

on a happier note, Naomi was amazing today (up until she got sick). She has been pretty jealous of Mikaela anytime I'm nursing her, changing her diaper or just holding her. But today, it was like she knew I was sad with my parents leaving, she was amazing. She didn't have a single meltdown when I had to take care of Mikaela. I need to remember to focus on and be thankful for all the things that go right, rather than all the things that go wrong.


Jennifer said...

ohhhh! *hug* Thinking and praying for you guys :) That WAS a tough day! But you got through it! (Put a little notch on your belt...)

Anonymous said...

The bad times are there for us to appreciate the good times. froM new jersey up to wilmington it was snowing all the time and theN it stop ONLY TO START GIVING US LARGE HAILS started with a big bang like something had been broken but we did not find anything wrong , all the way i prapayed . we reached n.c and decided we have to rest. in the mornign it was raining and raining inside and outside the truch but then at noon it decided to give us a break and the sun was shining and we have to get rid of our coat as it was just so nice but after an hour it starts raining and so foggy again. but in my hearT i know we had these bad days so that we can learn to appreciate the good days. and just as a few bad days, there are also a lot of good days. love u very much!!1 AND MISSING U ALL TOO!!!