Monday, February 14, 2011

We survived

Today was my first full day with both girls on my own. Austin took a week off of work last week since my parents had just left and we were still adjusting to life with two kids. Being valentines day, Austin and I planned out an itinerary of activities involving valentine's to keep Naomi occupied so that I wouldn't have to try and wing it when it came to keeping her entertained.
Of course things never really go the way you want them to, and our morning was filled with mini-meltdowns, tons of tears, a toddler who claimed her legs no longer worked and needed to be carried, who couldn't wear socks to go outside because the socks would cover up the winnie the pooh bandaid that was on her foot, who couldn't eat lunch because the Mac N Cheese was white (white cheddar) instead of orange, who couldn't take a nap because despite her crankiness and tired looking eyes, just wasn't sleepy. That was just Naomi. Mikaela decided today she needed to nurse every 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs instead of every 3, and when she did nurse, would only eat a bit, and then refuse more. Of course when I tried to hold her out a bit to see if she would feed better if I stretched out the timing, she screamed bloody murder. Oh and if I didn't carry her the whole morning, she decided it was time to exercise her lungs. So I strapped in into my baby sling, and dealt with Naomi. Finally everyone was fed, and we all took a long nap in the afternoon. We even managed to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and ride Naomi's trike.

At 4 when Naomi woke up, it was like I had two different kids. Mikaela was fussy until she nursed, but Naomi was a gem. While I warmed her afternoon milk up, MIkaela was screaming in the bouncer, and Naomi went over to the bouncer to try and soothe Mikaela. She shh'ed her, tried to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, spoke to her in a reassuring voice telling her mei-mei that she was right there. She even turned on the music on the bouncer and tried to bounce her gently. When nothing worked, she quietly sat next to her and held her hand, and said, "mommy I think Mikaela is really crying".
After I nursed Mikaela and Naomi finished her milk, both her content to just relax. Naomi played in her toy kitchen, Mikaela relaxed in the bouncer, and I managed to get all the morning's mess cleaned up in the kitchen. And even now, Mikaela is happily coo'ing in her bouncer, while Naomi is having a snack and watching Mickey Mouse Club-House leaving me time to blog mid-day.
Yes, we were supposed to work on arts crafts this afternoon and take a quick trip to the Library...but after this morning, I'm content to let Naomi watch a bit of TV and relax this afternoon.
So while not as smoothly as planned, and despite relying on TV in the afternoon, we survived day 1!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone


Chickering Mom said...

Nice work Mommy! I remember my first day alone too. Amazing how two can feel like six at times. :)

beawei said...

First day is always a challenge. Before you know it, you will be a pro!

Anonymous said...

i am proud of my baby too!!!
happy valentines day!!!

Anonymous said...

happy valentines! :) -P