Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Happy Year of the Rabbit everyone.
I taught (ok Ni Hao Kai Lan) taught Naomi how to say, Happy Chinese New Year in Chinese - "Xin Nian Kuai Le" I also taught her how to say, "grandpa, give me a Hong-Bao". Yes I'm classy like that.
Last night, my dad gave Mikaela and Naomi each a Hong-Bao, Naomi politely said, "xie xie", opened it up, chucked the money out, and then ran around with the hong-bao (which was really just a Chinese New Year card Naomi made for my dad, in which he recycled and gave it back to her with money in it). Anyway, she ran around with the "hong-bao" screaming, "YAYYYY look at my hong-bao. It's beautiful".
Yea kid, you made it, of course you think it's beautiful.
I on the other hand, swiped her money. JK it'll make it's way into her 529 eventually.
PS like her Chinese new year outfit? Look familiar? it's the same one from last year...that's how much she grew.


Lo said...

ha ha ha nice! yeah, our kids' hong bao's are going into their savings too. =)

Anonymous said...

happy chinese new year to you tooo!!!
you think naomi can still wear this outfit next year? looks a bit too small right now ,anyway is this size 3T looks so cute she should wear it more aside for cny