Monday, February 7, 2011

Feeling Better

After a rough start to the weekend, things finally have started to settle down. Naomi's stomach bug thankfully lasted less than 24 hours. Mikaela is back to her chill self and is content to be on her own every once in awhile, giving Austin and I some much needed breaks from holding her. I sucked it up and bought a new iPhone, but thankfully found out I had synced my phone only a few days ago, therefore really only losing 2 days worth of pictures.
Austin is taking this week off to help ease us into the transition of not having my parents around, and we're fortunate enough to have an incredible church community that has created a schedule of meals and even a night of babysitting to get us through the next week or so. And to top it all off we actually had a sunny day which was above 40 degrees. It felt downright balmy. Ok clearly i've been out of the tropics for too long...anyway, here are a couple of pictures from the new iPhone, which I am about to go sync right now.

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beawei said...

Love these photos. Will continue to pray for the whole family and see you in 10 days!