Tuesday, December 21, 2010

30 Months

On Sunday Naomi turned 30 months. That's 2 and a half! That means she's a full blown kid. Ok she already was. But it means that she starts transitioning out of the toddler class at daycare, and into the preschool class. sob sob. She keeps telling me, "mommy, pretty soon I'll be in pre-school. Yes. Pretty soon".
Today she saw a big girl's bike and asked if she could have it, I told her she was too little and had her little girl's trike. She responded by saying, "Mommy, I'm going to grow up fast. And then I have big girl bike?" sob.

At 30 months, Naomi has embraced whole heartedly the meaning of the terrible twos. I'm biased, but she's incredibly bright. She knows how to stall, and when she sees things aren't going her way, she has learned how to turn on the tears instantaneously. When she's not in the mood to do what you're asking her to, she manages to ignore you and look in the other direction. When she doesn't want to talk to you, she'll look you in the eye and say, "GO AWAY". When she's frustrated, she'll throw whatever is in her hands, or sometimes, though much less often these days, she'll try and swat the nearest person to her. Yea these are all things we need to work on.

Aside from the terrible twos, she's incredibly loving, gentle and caring. She asks daily how her baby sister is doing. When she sees me she'll run up and give my belly a kiss. During our daily prayers, she is constantly reminding us about people we need to include in our prayers. If she sees me crying, which has been a lot these days, she'll come and wipe my tears and tell me not to be sad because "Yomi is right here!!" She loves to cuddle, especially before bedtime, she loves reading the same books over and over again until she has them memorized. She still loves dancing, and supposedly is teacher's pet in her daycare dance class. She also loves music, and again has won the heart of her daycare music class' teacher. She's the biggest mimic I know, and sometimes will shock me when she copies something I've said or done when I could have sworn she was not even paying attention. She loves to count things, steps, dolls, people; but she still has trouble with a few numbers on her way from 10 to 20. She can recognize a song within half of a beat of the song starting, and she likes to make up her own words to songs she already knows. She's always always singing. She finds the silliest things funny and has a ridiculously amazing laugh which can melt anyone's heart. She's in love with all things Christmas, decorations, santa, presents (to a fault), snowmen, lights, starts etc....and loves looking out for christmas decorations whenever we're in the car. When she sees decorations she'll shriek out in excitement and say, "LOOOK MOMMY DID YOU SEE IT!! It's Christmases EVERYWHERE". She's incredibly organized, and notices when things aren't exactly where she left them. She likes to line things up, from furniture to dolls, to her pens and crayons. She knows how to use a computer, probably better than a lot of adults, she even knows how to print her own coloring sheets. (we're starting to look into parental controls). She sleeps through the night in her big girl bed, and loves to say that her old nursery is for the baby. She's so close to being potty trained, though admittedly she's taken a few steps back since I've been on bed rest and haven't had a chance to follow up with her. She's quiet possibly the funniest, most amazing 2 and a half year old that I know...but again perhaps I'm biased.

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