Thursday, December 16, 2010

Diamonds and Twinkling Stars

Naomi's rash ended up being just dry skin per her pediatrician, but she did come down with a little 24 hr bug/fever, so yesterday was still a pretty trying day. She just hates taking her medicine, and bargaining, bribery etc do little to persuade her. We finally ended up getting her to agree to take some tylenol mixed in with juice. Although it takes forever for her to actually finish it all, at least she gets some meds in! It's amazing how different she is when she has a fever vs once the medicine has kicked in. Last night she woke up at 10pm completely distraught, crying and lethargic. Here's what she was like once the meds kicked in. For some reason she kept getting hung up on the "diamonds". Guess she's gonna be like her momma and like her some pretty bling...

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