Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 7..hopefully the last

Sunday night, Day 7 is almost done. Hopefully this will be the last day of bed rest. It was another night of not sleeping til almost 5am last night. So the fact that Naomi didn't wake up til 8:30 this morning was a nice treat. Another nice treat was the fact that she happily came into our room and watched videos on Austin's iPad til almost 10am. After that, we got up and made a gingerbread house together. Yes cheating bed rest again, but I figured it was restful since I was sitting the whole time, and I really needed something to get me in the holiday mood. We used a pre-packaged Target gingerbread house that Austin picked up one day after work. It was GHETTO. My goal next year is to make my own, but yea, I just didn't have time this year. Anyway, despite the fact that the roof top started sliding down, and one of the walls eventually caved in, we had a blast. Naomi loved licking the artificially sweet, almost cardboard like, icing, and snuck in probably one too many gum drops. She also took over all decorations as soon as we were done icing the rooftops. I'll post a final picture later, I think Austin snapped some on his iphone. Her decorations are meticulous. She likes to line her toys up in a straight row, so the candy pieces were no different. One note of caution, if you are coming to our house in the next couple of days, DO NOT try to eat the candy. Several pieces were accidently dumped on the floor, and possibly licked by Lilo and umm yea, we decided this was just a gingerbread house to look at =)
Anyway, after that I went back to bed and caught up on some sleep til the afternoon. We stayed in all day, it was a pretty low key afternoon. I am in desperate need of sunlight and fresh air.
Tomorrow morning, I have a 9:45am appointment for another ultrasound, where hopefully we'll find out the baby has grown. I'm not exactly sure how everything will work out because the OB isn't officially in tomorrow morning, so I dont know how he'll tell me I'm allowed to get up and be a free woman, or whatever else he needs to tell me. Regardless, I'm packing up my hospital bag tonight, just in case we end up getting sent to the hospital. I've completely forgotten what I need to bring with me, or what I ended up using when I had Naomi, so I need to look up online to see what is recommended. Hopefully it won't come to that, but we'll find out soon's to hoping for a 2011 baby.

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