Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Potty Time going back now

Potty training was excellent yesterday. Naomi only had half of an accident, and that was because she couldn't get to the potty in time, so half got on her pants, half in the toilet. On the way home, I wanted to put a diaper on her for the drive home, but she refused and said diapers were for babies, so we went to the potty one last time and braved it home. Thankfully we had no accidents en route.
Once we got home, she sucecssfully went #1 and #2 in her potties before bed and bath.
Surprisingly after her bath, Naomi had no qualms with putting a diaper on for bed.
However, when Austin got into her bedroom this morning, he came into find his 2.5 yr old butt naked. Yes, she had pulled her pants off, untaped her diaper, and was lying in bed naked from the bottom down. She looked at Austin and said, "daddy, I need big girl undies. Diapers are for (baby #2)". Thankfully, she didn't have any accidents and never wet the bed, so Austin took her to the potty where she proceeded to do her business.
Well day 2 started of strong, and there's no going back now that she's decided diapers are for babies. I see a similarity in how she's viewing the advancement to how she viewed her crib. Once she got it in her head that it was time to move on, there was no going back.

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Anonymous said...

good job naomi,i can see how proud she is with her achievement like she just hit a touchdown in a football game but you will even appreciate it more during summer time when it is too hot to wear diapers.