Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A rough morning

We had a rough morning today. Naomi knew I was home, knew I was stuck in bed, decided she was sick too and had to stay in bed with mommy. She kept begging to stay home with me. I couldn't help but start crying myself. When did my baby start talking like a real kid? She was sooo clingy, begged me to take her to school and stay with her. Finally I ended up just walking her downstairs. While Austin finished getting his stuff together for work ,Naomi just cuddled up in my lap and clung to me. Seriously the hardest thing about being on bedrest is telling Naomi I can't be there to pick her up from daycare, or I can't get up to run around and play with her. I know it's only temporary, hopefully just this week, and we should be thankful that soon it'll be all over and we'll have a healthy baby, but I can't help but feel like I'm already being forced to choose which kid I'll take care of. I've been careful not to tell Naomi I'm stuck in bed because of her baby sister. I dont want her to have things to resent the baby for or to be jealous of the baby. So I'm just telling her I'm sick and have to stay in bed. Tomorrow is Naomi's first dance recital at school. She's so incredibly excited about it and will shriek and jump and dance for you if you ask her about it. She's excited that mommy and daddy and ahma and do-do are all going to watch her. I'm totally busting out of my jail sentence for the recital, but part of me feels guilty because aren't I essentially picking Naomi's happiness over the health of my second child by disobeying the doctor's order? And of course another part of me tells worry wart self to shut up cause I'm making mountains out of molehills and one afternoon out where I'm sitting down the entire time, isn't going to hurt.
Anyway bedrest blows!! 6 more days and counting. PS thanks for all the calls, emails and prayers. Totally means a lot to us that we have so many people thinking of us.

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Rachel said...

Amy - I'm so sorry to hear about the complications! I'm praying for you and baby. Hang in there. Is there anything you need? Want me to come over and make some tofu soup for you? :)