Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bed Rest Day 3

Well I finished my first complete day of bed rest yesterday. I spent most of it asleep, I guess I'm still catching up on a lot of lost years of sleep and trying to get over a disgusting cough/cold. Thankfully my sore throat went away with all the sleep, but my cough is never ending. Austin's had it for over a week now, so I'm only on day 2 or 3....
I did manage to get some christmas shopping done online for Naomi's daycare teachers, and for Austin's gift. yay.
But overall I'm completely sore from lying in bed all day, and definitely getting a bit restless. I started watching Friday Night Lights. I have only ever seen season 1 so I guess now's a good time to catch up.
Day 3 pretty much started off like Day 2 except worse. Naomi woke up super early at 6:30 (vs her usual 8) screaming cause her tummy hurt. She wanted milk, so we thought maybe she was just hungry since she didnt' have a big dinner. After milk, she was still complaining her stomach hurt, and was passing some majorly foul odors. There definitely has been a stomach bug going around at her school, so we were worried she was coming down with something. And it didn't help she kept yelling that the doctor said she was sick and needed to stay in bed with mommy. Anyway, after awhile she calmed down and by the time Austin was ready for work, she was set for school. She still cried and demanded I go with her, but managed to calm down by the time we got to the car. By the time they got to daycare, Austin started feeling really crummy himself. He has had a cold for a week now, as I mentioned, but since he's never getting any rest, and has been working late nights, it really started hitting him last night and again this morning. He ended up calling out of work sick and came home and fell back asleep. At around 10am though, we got a call from the daycare saying Naomi had a rash on her hand and foot and needed to be sent home in case she had a virus. Which means 1) we have a house full of invalids. 2) bed rest will be extremely interesting today 3) Austin isnt' going to get the rest he thought he could 4) we have a doctor's appt for Naomi at 3;30 today and 5) which is the saddest bit, she's going to miss her first dance recital! Of course it's not really a huge deal, how much dancing can a bunch of 2 year olds really do? Well if every kid was like Naomi, a LOT, but oh well. Hopefully it's nothing serious and she'll be back up in no time.

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Anonymous said...

hoping you all will be better today. u all just need some much needed rest most of all sleep ,especially austin who work up till very late at nite.