Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It goes on and on and on and on...

So my ultrasound went well yesterday. The baby apparently grew from being under the 3% in weight for her gestational age to almost 14%. Basically at 35 wks she was measuring the same size/weight as a 30 wk baby, and now at 36, she's measuring almost at 33 weeks. Still 14% is GOOD for a kid of mine. Naomi hung in like a champ at under 2% for awhile, before she finally moved up the ranks to 12%. Regardless, it means the baby grew a full lb in one week, yea stepping on the scale has NOT been fun =) The baby is already 5lbs 7 oz, and I still have 3.5 more weeks to go till my due date. Naomi was only 6lbs 10 oz and I was 2 days overdue when I had her. I have a feeling that my old fashioned New Jersey OB wants me to deliver a 10 lb baby! Anyway since what we were doing (aka bed rest, aka sentence to depression and boredom) was working, the doctor told me to stay on bed rest. Um yea right. I can't. Especially after talking to the ultrasound technician who said the baby would be fine, knowing how small Naomi was (if you even call 6lbs 10 oz small). Anyway, so I've decided to compromise. I'm working from home up til my Maternity leave, which starts on the 23rd, so I wont be commuting into the City and working 12 hour days. I'll also try to take things easy at home. But there's no way I can lie in bed when I'm not a huge believer of why I'm lying in bed in the first place! a) it's Christmas, b) I have soooo much to get ready for the baby, her room, clothes, cleaning etc. Ok part b doesn't really sound like I'm going to take it easy..but I will =)

So here's to the pseudo good news, and to not having a 10lb baby.

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