Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 5...cheating

Woohoo, it's Friday, day 5. Just the weekend to get through then fingers crossed no more bedrest. Day 5 could pretty much be compared to what most people go through midway through their diets...where they fail, miserably so, to be disciplined and stick to it. The morning started off fine. Austin went to work, I passed Naomi off to my parents who promptly took her out for a walk with our puppies Lilo and Stitch where they went back to the park, played at the playground and fed the ducks again. At around 11am though, bed rest pretty much went out the window. My mom needed to run to the store to pick up some groceries and Naomi wanted to hang out in bed with me. We watched a few videos on youtube, I introduced her to Ricky Gervais singing Elmo a lullaby. She had watched this video with Austin when she was younger, but now that she could understand what was going on, her reaction was hilarious. Check out the video on youtube if you haven't seen it. Anyway, I told her she could stay in my room if she listened to me and napped. Of course she said yes, but when it was time to turn off the computer she freaked out and was rolling all over the bed, bumping into me, and nearly falling off the bed several times. Finally I asked her if she wanted me to rock her, which of course she said she did, and within 2 minutes she passed out. I made the mistake of putting her back down on my bed too early, and she woke up and immediately said, "hey mommy remember when you put me on your bed and you and daddy left me?" This was referring to the last time I let her nap in my bed, months and months ago, after she fell asleep I left the room, and when she woke up she accused me of having left her alone. Anyhoo, she wouldn't go back to sleep after that, so I picked her up and rocked her again and after she was asleep, I kept rocking her for a good 10 mins until I knew she was fast asleep. I know I know I pretty much broke every parenting book out there in terms of getting your kid to nap, and I'm sure rocking my 25 lb 2.5 year old is not what my OB had in mind when he said that I was on bed rest. Anyway I put her down in her own room had lunch, and was about to jump in the shower when she woke up. Not even a 30 min nap. At this point my mom was still out. So for the rest of the afternoon I was pretty much out of bed, entertaining a cranky, tired Naomi. I did try to make it less strenuous by plopping us down on the couch in front of the tv for a good amount of time. Yea yea again, every parenting books nightmare - too much tv. Well you KNOW Naomi has had too much tv in the past couple of days cause I heard her saying, "And NOWWW on ON Demand."
When my mom did get home she promptly took charge of Naomi again, and I went to shower and lie down, except looking at my bed grossed me out. I've been lying in it for 5 days non stop, with both Austin and hacking up our lungs. It just looked gross. So I stripped the sheets and threw everything in the wash. Then I realized how late it was and knew my mom would want to start cooking, so I went down to the basement and took over watching Naomi while my mom got dinner ready. I pretty much stayed with Naomi til Austin got home and my mom had finished dinner. Then Austin and I had to go out to Hackensack University Hospital, where I"ll be delivering, because I had an appt to pre-register for the delivery. I set the appt up weeks ago and didn't want to try and reschedule at this point.
so there you have it, my eventful, non- bed rest ridden day.
I do admit I feel incredibly guilty, but hey, when I compare it to my regular daily schedule: up by 4:30am, at work by 5:30, leave work by 4:30 to catch a ferry then a train, then walk to our car, then to daycare to get Naomi, then home by 6:10 then dinner, bath, bed (for naomi) then getting dinner ready for the next day, cleaning up seems pretty relaxed, no?!

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