Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Potty Time Part 3

I realized I never blogged about the results of our attempts at potty training several months ago. Long story short, we decided to hold off. She was having a ton of accidents at school and I could tell it was starting to stress her teacher out a bit since she wasn’t grasping the concept as quickly as some of the other kids had when they attempted to train them at school. And given she spends more time at daycare than at home, I didn’t want Naomi to feel any stress and possibly resentment towards the potty. One day she p’ed while she was on the playground and didn’t tell anyone cause she knew it would interrupt her playtime. Eventually one of her teachers found her standing in her own puddle. Gross. They tried to reinforce the idea that we go p.p in the potty. Naomi said, “ok I go pp in the potty”. Five minutes later when her teacher asked her, “Naomi where do we go pp?” Naomi yelled out, “on the playground!!!!” lol.
Anyway after two days of potty training at daycare, we decided to pull the plug and hold off.
Until about a month ago. We started noticing that everytime we got Naomi in the tub, she’d start pee’ing as soon as she got in the water, which would mean draining the tub, and refilling it with fresh water. Finally tired of this game, Austin and I decided to make her sit on the potty each night before bath time, until she pee’ed. The first couple of nights took a LONG time, we plopped her on her potty in front of some nickelodeon shows, or with the iPad. It was a late couple of nights, but each night she would eventually go, get sooo incredibly excited (we had to catch her to wipe her down before she ran around and dripped all over the house), and she received huge, generous prizes. Yea we bribed our kid to go on the potty. Amongst the prizes, a tinkerbell fairy dress, tinkerbell crown, tinkerbell wand, necklace, bracelet, stickers etc.
Each night we noticed she’d take less and less time. And a couple of mornings, Austin would find her with a completely dry diaper and they’d make it to the potty in time for her to do her business then as well.
This past Sunday, in the middle of the day, for the first time, Naomi told me she had to go potty. So we went. I figured she’d just sit there, jump up without going, and go back to playing. But to my surprise, and her excitement, she actually went!
So today, we sent her to daycare with loads of extra clothes, big girl underwear and a lot of good lucks for her teachers. As of 3:30 the status update I’ve had from her teacher? No accidents at all. Tons of potty time though! And Naomi is super excited, and telling all her friends and teachers how her diapers are going to go to her baby sister now.
Anyway, it’s a long post with no pictures, cause really do you want pictures of potty training? Who knew bathroom business could be so exciting!! It’s just the beginning, but it’s terribly exciting to know we’re getting somewhere with this potty business.

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