Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 4 we're half way there...

Day 4, the morning started off a lot easier, mainly because Austin called out sick from work again, and Naomi stayed home from daycare given her fever last night. Thankfully she slept through the night and her fever never came back today, so she was in a great mood today and for the most part it seemed, pretty easy to handle.
Austin is still really sick though, hacking up a lung. Thank goodness for grandparents. Maybe that's what the title of this post really should be. My mom swooped in today and saved the day by taking care of Naomi for pretty much the whole day. I could hear them playing down in the basement, singing songs, laughing and shrieking with joy. The one time I did hear Naomi cry was when Ah-ma tried to comb her hair, and heaven forbid, did NOT use Naomi's cinderella brush. Naomi came up later and told me she had given ah-ma a hard time cause she NEEDED her Cinderella brush.
Naomi had a great day though, she went on a walk with her Grandma and Grandpa. Despite the cold weather, they got all bundled up, braved the elements, and had a grand time. They went to the playground, went on the swings, slides, drove the car, and then went to the pond and fed all the ducks. As soon as Naomi came home you could just hear how excited she was and what a great time she had. She ran upstairs and told me about the ducks and the swings..and then she told me she fell off the swings and do-do (grandpa) had to pick her up and rub her cheek, then ah-ma rubbed her cheek. She's too cute.
The tough part about keeping Naomi home is that she has a hard time napping at home. At school she's used to such a strict routine, lunch, then nap. She doesn't argue cause everyone in the class is doing it, and she'll get a daily nap of 2-3 hours. At home we're hit or miss with naps. These days she's winning. Everytime I think it's time to transition her out of taking daily naps, she'll pass out and take a huge 3 hour nap and still be ready for bed at 8. Go figure.
Anyway I did end up cheating bed rest a bunch today. Mainly in the afternoon when Austin was napping, and my parents were working on other things. It was a nice break even though I did feel guilty about getting out of bed for that long, especially since I had to carry Naomi around every once in awhile.
It's really hitting me today too that if my checkup doesn't go well on Monday, we could be ending the day with a brand new addition to the family. It's completely scary and surreal and I'm totally not ready for her arrival. Her room is a mess and her clothes aren't clean. Blah. Plus the fact that she may need to spend time in the NICU if she's too underweight is really scaring me as well. I'm just trying not to think about it too much though, leaving it in God's hands cause at this point all I can do is rest and hope she's getting enough nutrients and blood flow. Grow baby grow!!

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Laura said...

I'm repeating the chant...Grow baby grow!! :-) Hope the appointment on Monday goes well